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The History Of Skip Bins

Posted on Oct 3, 2018 by in Skip Bins | 0 comments

Wondering where skip bins began? Curious to know how Norway is related to skip bin hire in Mentone? We delve into the history of skip bins with this special blog post:

In the beginning…there were bees.

It is expected that dumpsters (known back) came into prominence in the 1700s during the boom of beekeeping season. It was known that beekeepers used baskets made of straw, wicker, or hollow logs to build the colonies for the bees, and in the process, would carry around the bees and their harvest.

The Norwegians made the name…kind of.

The term ‘skip bin’ comes from the Norse language ‘skeppa’, and the Old English language ‘sceppe’, which means ‘basket’. While the times have changed and so has the word (which tends to happen with old words), you can see how a skip bin does resemble a basket.

The industrial revolution increased the need…for skip bins

There is no denying that when it comes to the distinct period in which society took a step forward, it was when the industrial revolution began. From nothing, things were created in a matter of days. Such was the boom, that waste was beginning to accumulate and there was a need for it to get removed. Hence the rise of the skip bin began. The baskets could be made more easily, and at the same time, used more easily in the commercial world. But no industrial needed skip bins more than the coal business.

From ‘skeppa’ to skip’…thanks to the miners

In order to move coal around – and to get rid of the waste that came with getting the coal – workers used large wheeled baskets, which they called ‘skeps’ to remove all the materials. Naturally, the language changed along the line, and skep’ became ‘skip’, which is still the word miners use today to refer to the steel containers.

From businesses to the people…the growth of the skip bin.

Eventually what was used for businesses, was going to be used for everyday people. In the Southport area in England, the skips used for mining was now being used for waste removal. How did it start? An employee from Pagefield, a truck manufacturing company, thought that maybe it would help Southport city engineers collect waste if that attached the bins to the back of trucks. The invention became known as the Pagefield system.

The modern day era.

Naturally, the world grew and so did the expansion of the skip bin. It became normal to find skip bin hire in Mentone to skip bins in New York. While the word has changed, the need is still there.

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