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Highlights And Advantages Offered By Cyberthum

Posted on Dec 4, 2018 by in Real Estate | 0 comments

Whenever a commercial project is built, the two most important factors to look upon are the convenience and ease with which the offices and other commercial outlets can go about, within such a complex. It is quite vital for a commercial investor whenever he/she plans to make investments, to ensure that the respective business does not suffer. With the introduction of Bhutani Cyberthum by none other than the Bhutani group, the commercial situation has become much easier for such investor and the offices that would enter this complex.

This project certainly helps in a lot of ways for consumers as well, as they now can get the best available offers in the region of Sector 140A, Noida. With the success of Bhutani Alphathum’s infinity pool, in Delhi, Bhutani Cyberthum is bound to please and succeed. The amenities made available in this complex make the offices work in a great way, altogether. From necessity to luxury, offices will have dynamic environments to work with, which in the process, marks the beginning of something extraordinary.

What’s So Different About This Project?

The offices in this complex are well ventilated through the use of energy-efficient glass and are connected with walkways for convenient connectivity. The central chilled water air conditioning system helps in maintaining the environmental equilibrium throughout the year, in order to keep the humidity, temperature and quality within, at optimum and par levels. Stated below are some of the basic amenities:

With such amenities for every office, this complex is equipped with almost everything.

In modern times, the cut-throat competition is on a whole different level, but what makes Bhutani Cyberthum an exception, is the technology and exquisite designs with which this complex is planned and built. This project is a carving result of years of research and development that went down on papers in order to fulfill important requirements of consumers and investors.

With high-grade and certified office spaces and retail shops for commercial as well as residential sectors, this project is the perfect platform for top MNCs, KPOs, BPOs and startups. The stats quote that, in the last couple of years and even more, many companies have started relocating their offices to Noida, Uttar Pradesh because of the connectivity and transportation that this area provides.

Location Advantages

Cyberthum by Bhutani Infra Group is planned in such a way that it connects with two expressways. Noida with its infrastructure is one of the most desirable locations for such sectors to work in, along with the connectivity that this city offers for Delhi and Airport, through roads and transportation. The metro station, which is under-construction, is situated 2-minutes away from where this project is established. Located in Sector 140A, Cyberthum is already surrounded with best residential and corporate complexes that have made their mark in the past.

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