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Think before renting an accommodation in Melbourne

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 by in Magazine |

One puts lot of efforts in building a property that involves too much of money, time and other important elements. Either it can be for residential purpose, commercial use or simply renting benefits. However, when renting it to other person, it is important to take care of some of the factors to achieve higher price and the right tenant so that the property is in safe hands and giving maximum benefits.

Knowing the features of the property – There could be some of the best features like location advantage, size, construction, etc unknown to you which should be known with the help of property consultant. The property advisors let you choose the right features to be highlighted for renting the property.

Decide the Rent – We normally fix up the rent after the property is renovated either through paint & adding some features rather than going opposite. It is important to decide the rent that you want from your property and the rebuild it according to the features required for getting such rent. This is the best technique to get most out of the property. People can pay higher amount only if we make the things available. So, money is certainly not the constraint for rental purpose.

Advertise your property – Even the best product on earth needs marketing and similarly, the property advantages have to be communicated very effectively so that the expected tenant can’t resist to have it. They would be ready to pay higher price for the property they like and the same has to be shown through some medium to reach the target customers.

Credentials of the tenant – It is very important to know the credentials like identity, background, profession, etc of the tenant to ensure that the property is in safe hands. The tenants can be students, professionals, business persons or reputed ones in the town but every aspect has to be checked before renting them.

Documentation – As the terms and conditions are mutually satisfying, it is crucial to have it documented. The duration of use, kind of use, rent, damages, claim, security, payment schedule, etc has to be clearly mentioned in the documents so that there is no trouble in rental services to both the parties.

As we always think of gaining more from our property, we sometimes give it in the wrong hands and then regret through out our lives. Some of the tenants neither pay rent on time nor vacate the property which calls for legal action or other kind of trouble. If the owner is closely linked to the place, then it can be a bit helpful else there is no easy way to check the property regularly. Hence, one should consider above mentioned points carefully before renting it.

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