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Keep your home entrances safe with security doors

Posted on Sep 27, 2016 by in Utility Blog |

You can ensure the safety of your family and yourself from criminal activity by purchasing high quality security doors. There are high quality and affordable security doors in Melbourne which have a lot or features to help protect your home from crime.

These are special security doors which are made of strong metal, fully welded, and properly secured using only the finest quality locks & hinges. The doors are created to help prevent unexpected access and create an excellent security display entrance, and not just a fly cable entrance.

Here are some features of security doors:

  • On site accurate measure
  • Heavy metal construction
  • Heavily set pin hinges
  • Zinc coated corrosion proof treatment
  • Extensive selection of powdered cover colours
  • Lockwood 8654 dual cylinder tube protection entrance security
  • Door Closer

Apart from them here are also some additional features of security doors. These are as follows:

  • Strengthening the metal encompass
  • Properly secured to current door jamb giving far excellent durability in comparison to a conventional install
  • Jemmy combating remove – The actual metal ‘lip’ running the complete length of the doorway on the secure side, covering the gap between the doorway and jamb, making a jemmy strike highly unlikely.
  • Multi point securing system
  • Larger mortise secure with individual attach and deadbolt.

In a framed showerscreen in Melbourne, there are two distinct styles: the AquaGlide sliding door or the AquaPivot. Your choice of showerscreen door depends upon your entity style and more essentially the size and design of the bathroom.


As the name describes, the AquaGlide range has been intended for a smooth gliding act. The smooth and gently rounded framing provides a fresh contemporary look and the ergonomically intended thumb grip let for an easier exit. AquaGlide is available in 1, 2 and 3 door styles with door panel sizes to suit most shower alcoves.

AquaPivot is a modern clean showerscreen, ideal for roomy bathrooms. It present a slim line look & feels and is easy to clean.

The PIVOT 2000 variety is the next generation of semi-framed showerscreens. PIVOT 2000 has been planned for the ultimate in look combined with dazzling practicality. The semi-framed door offers a fresher look to a conventional framed showerscreens.

You could be a devotee of long dresses and have a set of coats for all occasion –whatever your collection of clothing may be, custom-built wardrobes make certain your things are stored away in an arranged fashion. This classically layout robe is custom planned as per the needs of the customer.

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