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Get a cleaner for house and office

Posted on Nov 28, 2016 by in Cleaning Services |

A clean house and company attract positive vibes and happiness. They look elegant and beautiful Cleaning your house or company is a necessary but a hectic job. Sometimes, it may become impossible for you to clean the entire house or company alone, or the staffs which you have hired for the job seems insufficient.

It is very important that you hire cleaning and maintenance staff from a trusted and renowned company that is experienced in this field, especially when it comes to rubbish removal services in Sydney, get in touch with Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal in Sydney. There are various cleaning services providers in who will offer you best and most efficient staff.  They provide a high quality and professional services that you may appreciate and enjoy.

Services offered-

You can hire the cleaning service like Meticulous Cleaning Melbourne for daily, bi-weekly, weekly or fortnightly. The number of hours you may require daily depends on the size of your place and the number of chores you want the hire the service for. If you are not sure about your requirements, you may contact their consultant and they will try to offer assistance in the best possible way.

Domestic cleaning- You may appreciate a reliable and efficient help around your house especially for the repetitive and tedious tasks that consumes most of your time and also strength. The cleaning service provider offers a range of domestic cleaning services including house maid services, housekeeping, home cleaning services and home help.

The standard domestic cleaning services offered by them include-

  • General tidy up.
  • Stove top cleaning.
  • Splashback cleaning.
  • Kitchen taps and sinks cleaning.
  • Kitchen benches cleaning.
  • Laundry cleaning.
  • Toilet disinfecting and cleaning.
  • Bathroom cleaning.
  • Emptying bins.
  • Cobwebs cleaning.
  • Hard floors moping.
  • A dusting of furniture.

Other services for which you can hire the help with additional time includes-

  • Fridge cleaning.
  • Appliance cleaning.
  • Range hood cleaning.
  • Entrance sweeping.
  • Washing and drying of clothes.
  • Changing of linen.

Commercial and office cleaning- Professional people offer a consistent, top quality and flexible cleaning service for small to big office and companies, even when it comes to garden waste removal services. You can hire their service during office hours, after office hours, daily or on weekends.

The standard commercial cleaning services offered by them include-

  • Cleaning of office on weekends.
  • Steam clean of carpets.
  • General building tidying up.
  • Empty garbage and bins.
  • Bathroom and toilets disinfect and cleaning.
  • Dining room and kitchen disinfect and cleaning.
  • Hard floor moping.
  • A dusting of floors and furniture.
  • Floor and carpet vacuuming.

Vacate cleaning- Such professionals also offer cleaning services of vacating the home. If you are moving into a new house and you want the house to be cleaned before you settle on it or if you want your property to be efficiently cleaned before you put it on sale, then also you can hire their services.

The standard vacates cleaning services offered by them includes-

  • Vacuuming.
  • Dusting.
  • Moping.
  • Light switches and power point cleaning.
  • Door, door frames, walls and window cleaning services.
  • Toilet and bathroom cleaning.

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