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Backyard Pool Landscape Ideas

Posted on Jun 24, 2015 by in Magazine |

The pool at the backyard house does not only add to the beauty but also adds to other fun times with your friends and family. Landscaping around the pool in your house requires a great sense of artistic decision and also a high level of maintenance. You must also be updated with the latest trends and how your design will relate to the environment and building design in the present environment. On behalf of property review, the pool becomes the focal point of the backyard landscape. A good backyard pool landscaping idea will create a beautiful backyard that can be enjoyed for several years in the future. The some of the top considered pool landscape ideas include

  • Xeriscape
  • Inorganic mulches
  • Follow pool shape
  • The lawn concept 2015-06-24 10-59-40

Xeriscape: This landscape idea focuses on the conservation of water by using the drought tolerant plants available locally. The benefit it provides is that no special maintenance is required, and it flatters the pool well. The native plants tolerate the environment and grow well in the existing moisture and soil conditions without the human help of any sort. To fit any backyard pool of this type the host of plants like ornamental grasses, flowering perennials and some shrubs remain on the top of the list. Thus, Xeriscape offers the new pool owners the option to have their backyard pool landscape idea into reality without investing much for the sake of maintenance.

Inorganic munches: the debris of the garden either from the flowers or trees ends in that pool at last. The pool owners must consider this and take the remedial actions to avoid getting the water contaminated and unbalancing of the chemical balance in the water. Certain species of organic mulches can be tracked into the feet of the anyone passing by, and the barks of these organic mulches can also blow into the pool. In contrast the permanent inorganic mulches like of gravel and river rock can be planted beside the pool that not only cover the garden beds beside the pool but also offers a clean replacement of shredded bark of mulch tree. The gravel is also good for softening the harsh lines of the concrete deck of the pool while blending the hardscape with the rest of the yard. 2015-06-24 11-01-31

Pool shape: The simplest design to follow for the backyard pool landscape is to follow the shape of the pool. This can be done by creating the garden alongside the curves of the pool. This idea gives the softened look to the concrete walls of the pool. You can further use the container gardens separately or the grouped ones to create the miniature garden look at the seating areas like a table or lounges for cohesion in design of landscape try to choose the similar materials to the deck of the pool.

Leave the lawn: The simplest but attractive design is to have a clean garden around the pool rather of getting it filled with different kinds and colors of flowers. This design rewires the very little maintenance which includes just moving the lawn mower fortnightly, especially in summer. 2015-06-24 11-03-02