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Know the trend for modern kitchens

Posted on Aug 22, 2016 by in Custom Kitchens |

The heart of every home lies in its kitchen. It’s where your birthday cakes are decorated, weekend night’s roasts are carved, Christmas dinners are served and where all the best family secrets are spilled! But all goes wrong if the kitchen is not practical? And when one has to renovate the kitchen, we worry too much about the aesthetics, and not enough about the functionality. From the placement of appliances, to the breakfast bar, here are some important issues to be kept in mind while designing a kitchen.

Jo Taylor, a famous Sydney interior designer says that the new trends in 2016 will no more involve the glass splashbacks, aluminium kicks and island benches with waterfall sides. Now it’s the era of stainless steel appliances, sinks, tapware and handles all around the kitchen. Dark sinks and tapware will be replaced by stainless steel. You can introduce monochrome setting of black tapware to instantly update your kitchen.

The kitchens in Sydney today are no longer simply the spaces in the house where food is prepared, they are the areas where everyone in the house gets together at the end of the day to talk, to eat, to watch their favourite programs on television and to complete their homework or just relax. This year the design trends are going to reflect the open-plan kitchens blending into the main living space.

“Kitchens are becoming the entertainment center of the house,” says Nick Travers from Melbourne’s Techne Architecture and Interior Design. He adds that don’t let all that activity make lots of mess in the kitchen, they need to be kept clean. The upcoming trends in the kitchen designs states the concept “less is more”, using few materials and finishes.

Sydney custom kitchens are moving away from using really heavy thick looking stone benchtops, which were as thick as 50-60 millimeters. This trend is influenced by Europe which is very much streamlined, and works on the handle-less kitchen model using as minimum materials as possible.


With the introduction of the products in the industry such as Neolith from CDK stone, benchtops can be as thin as 12 millimeters, which gives a beautiful modern look that is super streamlined. High tech kitchens can be integrated with coffee machines, steam ovens and invisible smart device charging hotspots.

There is now a possibility to charge your phone or tablet wirelessly through a transmitter hidden beneath the surface of the countertop. The key design trend emerging in 2 016 is the art to use just two colours in the kitchen, says the senior interior designer, Narelle Cuthbert from Plus Architecture.

If your kitchen is in a dire need to be refreshed, then why not make things easy, by simply connecting with a kitchen renovation expert and get the kitchen you’ve always wanted.